Can I order all thread rod to ASTM A36?

It is very common to see A36 all thread rod specified on a project. A36 is an ASTM specification covering common mild steel round bar which all thread rod is commonly manufactured from. However, it is a steel grade, not a fastener specification. Why is it a problem to call out A36 as the all thread rod grade?  The biggest problem with ordering bolts to an ASTM steel standard is that these specifications, like A36, do not have the necessary fastener information like type or class of threads, coating possibilities, and nut/washer compatibilities.  These are all relevant things that a manufacturer needs to ensure you end up with the correct product.  The best option is to find the relevant ASTM standard that covers all thread rod, such as A307 Grade A, A307 Grade B, or F1554 Grade 36.

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